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Best Soundbar for 65 Inch TV in 2022

Having a huge size TV doesn’t always mean a great sound. Often, the best TV comes with non-satisfying built-in speakers that are only good if you’re the only person to watch the TV.

Best Soundbar for 65 Inch TV

Having said that, a soundbar can serve you this purpose by providing you a fully-fledged home theater system. But choosing a soundbar according to your TV size is not always a cakewalk.

Instead, you have to take into account many points that it could fit in your television set up perfectly. Moreover, it should provide impeccable features that resonate with your TV setup. Also, the money you’re spending on the best soundbar for 65 inch TV should bring you an all-out package.

How are you gonna choose a piece like that?

We value your time and, through our extensive research, brought you a list of the best soundbars for 65 inch TV here. This list includes products for every budget, every home, and each setup.

Top List Of Best SoundBars For 65 Inch TV

1. Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar

Ranking first in our list of best soundbars for 65 inch TV, YAS-207BL boasts of being the world’s first soundbar with DTS Virtual: X technology. So if you go for this product, a new type of surround sound is coming to your home theater.

This soundbar gives a quirky little touch with its slim design that is perfect to fit below your big size TV. Another huge plus that you’ll find is a wireless subwoofer. Now no need for wires that are dangling all over your TV setup. However, you’ll feel a deep bass from this subwoofer.

What’s next?

If you’re happened to be a music lover, it won’t disappoint you with Bluetooth wireless music streaming. Just attach your mobile phone via Bluetooth and enjoy your heart’s favorite songs. Furthermore, the easy setup with HDMI, optical, or analog connection makes it a breeze to deal with this soundbar.

  • Added bass with wireless subwoofer.
  • DTS Virtual:X surround sound.
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming.
  • The voice control system is missing.

2. JBL Bar 5.1 Soundbar

This 550w soundbar offers you an immersive sound experience that will give you the vibe of sitting in a cinema. First up, the 10 inches subwoofer in this best soundbar for 65 inch TV delivers the crispiest and 3D sound.

The best feature includes a built-in Chromecast to ease the viewing of watching any content live. Other than this, the airplay2 technology in this rig boosts the whole experience as you’re able to have wireless streaming from Apple devices as well.

What’s more?

The 4K pass-through will offer you four times more resolution than an HD resolution on your screen. JBL 5.1 soundbar becomes a wholly top-notch device when it offers Alexa compatibility. Moreover, you can connect this soundbar with your TV with an HDMI port.

  • Live streaming by Chromecast and airplay2.
  • 4K pass-through resolution.
  • Compatible with Alexa devices.
  • Often Bluetooth connection becomes weak.

3. Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar

Just like the previous unit, Yamaha YAS-209BL also comes with DTS Virtual:X virtual sound. This technology will surround you as like you’ll feel yourself sitting deep down the ocean of sound waves without feeling uncomfortable.

Also, the wireless subwoofer firstly sets up like a breeze beneath your TV and then emits a strong bass all over the TV lounge. No need to lift the remote to control your soundbar; instead, you can use the Alexa device to change the volume or alter the bass level.

The loveliest feature!

This best soundbar for 65 inch TV enables its user to connect to Spotify. It means that by using this rig, you can listen to any podcast or song with full audio. Moreover, you can connect this soundbar with an HDMI port or an optical cable as well.

  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa.
  • DTS:X technology.
  • Enable Spotify connection.
  • It is not compatible with all remotes.

4. Sony Z9F 3.1ch Soundbar

Next in the queue is Sony Z9F, whose prominent feature is 3.1ch Dolby Atmos and vertical sound engine. Both technologies incorporate and make the existing sound gain vertical height to give you a comprehensible surround sound experience.

Secondly, Sony provides 7 sound modes like movies, games, news, sports, and such. You won’t worry about affecting the visual quality as this unit is 4K HDR compatible. To offer you more convenience, this soundbar features built-in wifi and Bluetooth streaming.

What’s even more?

Often you just do not want the soundbar to be only compatible with TV. So proving itself to be the best soundbar for 65 inch TV, this item lets you stream music, audios, videos, or podcasts from the Amazon connected device. Just ask Alexa, and you’re ready to have some fun.

  • Premium quality 3D sound.
  • 7 sound modes.
  • Alexa compatibility.
  • Sound separation from the front is not adequate.

5. Samsung HW-Q70T 3.1.2ch Soundbar

This Samsung soundbar for 65 inch TV contains double innovative technologies to serve you the right punch when it comes to 3D sound. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X system will surround you from the up and beneath and sink you in waves of crispiest sound.

You’ll be awe-struck to know that it has got a Q-Symphony feature that lets the speakers of the soundbar and the TV play at the same time. Furthermore, this ingenious feature, of course, enhances the worth of the audio it gives.

As if that were not enough!

This Samsung curved soundbar for 65 inch TV brings various Samsung sounds. Aside from this, it is a functional rig featuring a wall mounting ability as well, so you can have a more appropriate placement if you don’t have much space around.

  • Impeccable surround sound experience.
  • Features Q-Symphony.
  • Wall mountable.
  • No built-in speakers.

6. Sony HT-X9000F Soundbar

To begin with, the HT-X9000F soundbar comes with a vertical sound engine to let you hear more clear and spreaded vocals during your movie night. There is a wireless subwoofer with the unit for more optimized sound quality.

Though, there isn’t a single-mode all over the system as this unit comes with 5 sound modes varying from movies, music, games, news, and sports. In addition to this, Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream your favorite audios and videos from your tablet or mobile phone.

Wanna know even more?

The 4K HDR and eARC technology work wonders to offer you clear and crispy sounds. Despite the wireless connection, it provides an HDMI cable in its package. Hence you can use any one of them based on your need. Plus, this one of the best soundbars for 65 inch TV brings a remote as well.

  • Features vertical sound engine.
  • Both wired and wireless connections.
  • Crystal clear audio with ingenious technologies.
  • Lacks high bass.

7. Sonos Beam – Smart TV Sound Bar

If you prefer both functionalities and looks, Sonos beams will serve you on both fronts. It is the last item on the list of the best soundbars for 65 inch TV and features a smart and compact unit.

Kidding you not, but it has a voice control beam by which you can handle the unit with your voice without any external assistance. With this soundbar, the placement should be your least worry as it’s effortless to set up. You just need to plug in the soundbar to the power supply, and there it starts working.

But not only this!

This product proves itself to be the best soundbar for 65 inch TV due to its extensive features. Like it supports full HD videos. The resolution of 1920×1080 will never disappoint you when you’re watching your favorite series.

  • Built-in voice controls.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy setup.
  • It’s relatively expensive.

Buying Guides

There are a bunch of factors that play in the decision of choosing the best soundbar for 65 inch TV. Be it the size, setup, sound quality, or connections. In the end, it depends on your requirements.

But there can be some primary features that you should always take notice of when you’re about to pick a soundbar.

Here we have covered all of them. Let’s get into them!


Your TV and the soundbar should not necessarily have the exact dimensions to look like a well-placed setup. Rather, the rule of thumb is to purchase a soundbar that has less width than your TV. This difference can be about 5 to 8 inches.

So here comes the question: what size soundbar for 65 inch TV is the best?

A 65 inch TV can have a soundbar ranging from 55 to 58 inches long. In this way, there will also be some space for  extra channels on both sides.

Smart Features For Enhanced Sound

A soundbar with ingenious technologies is always better than the one with not any. In particular, DTS: X and Dolby Atmos are the ones that will serve you at providing a premium quality surround sound.

Besides, a vertical sound engine is another technology that can give your sound system a clearest vocal level.

Wired or Wireless Connections

You definitely don’t wanna deal with tangled wires or cables. In this case, the soundbars with wireless connections like wifi and Bluetooth are the best. Hence you can also connect other devices with the soundbar like mobile phone and tablet.

But it’s not always the case. You may want a cable or port, depending on the situation. So HDMI ports and optical cables will aid you in these scenarios. In conclusion, the best soundbar is that it comes with both kinds of connections.

Voice Control

There can be two types of soundbar control systems. One is the remote control that most units in our list of the best soundbars for 65 inch TV come with. But there is also another system; Alexa compatible sound system.

The more convenient is, of course, the latter one. You can prefer a soundbar that features Alexa voice control compatibility.


What size soundbar for 65 inch TV is best?

As a rule of thumb, a soundbar should always have 5 to 8 inches less width than the TV itself. And for a 65 inch TV, a 55 to 58 inches long soundbar will work best. With this width, there would also be some space for placing subwoofers or extra channels beside the whole setup.

Is it necessary for a soundbar to have wireless connections?

Having wireless connections is not mandatory. But there is a lot of convenience for the users when a soundbar features wireless connections like wifi or Bluetooth. It would be a breeze to connect your mobile phones, laptops, and tablets to your soundbars with these wireless connections.

Which is the best soundbar for a Samsung 65 inch TV?

In our list of best soundbars for 65 inch TV, the unit that works good with Samsung TV is Samsung HW-Q70T. Its distinguishing features will resonate well with a Samsung television. Aside from this unit, the Sonos Beam is also compatible when you’re thinking of purchasing a soundbar for Samsung 65 inch TV.

Do soundbars need a wall-mounting kit?

Not really. But if you don’t have a decent space beneath your television, then your soundbar should have a wall mounting kit. Adding to this, it also depends on the weight of the soundbar. Various units can’t be mounted on the wall because of their considerable weight.

Which is better; Remote control or Alexa support?

Both work well in controlling the functions of soundbars in their own way. For instance, a remote will let you go deeper in setting up every bit of the sounbar’s features, such as sound level, bass level, sound mode, etc.

Whereas the Alexa support helps you not to pick anything but just move your tongue. Just call the Alexa, say what you want, and it’s all set by this assisting device.


No doubt that picking a soundbar according to the size of the TV is complicated because of a whole lot of options out there. Especially when you go out to search for the best soundbar for 65 inch TV, you come up with dozens of options that don’t seem different at all.

However, the best soundbar for 65 inch TV is always one that can add a bit thrilly vibe to your home theater. So it must feature all the potential attributes that will take your watching TV experience up to the mark.

Above, we have listed down all the best soundbars for 65 inch TV, mentioning their distinguishing features among all the others. So now you just go and take a quick look to pick the best soundbar for you.