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Best Soundbar For LG TV in 2022

Looking for Best Soundbar For LG TV?

Gone are the days when we all had to rely on the unsatisfactory sound of our TVs. This era is of entertainment and convenience. And that is what a soundbar can serve you.

Best Soundbar For LG TV

Around a decade ago, soundbars were barely notable audio devices. But as the years are passing by, they have become the necessary part of your home theater. Hence, no matter if you want to binge a TV show or plan a party at your home, a soundbar will make you stand out.

With the compelling features, this audio tool can bring your ears to a neverland where nobody has a single idea of poor vocals and weak bass.

But as they’re becoming popular, there are more and more choices for a user. All of the models look the same with their confusing features. So the idea of picking one of them can be overwhelming.

That’s where we can help you. If you’re looking for a soundbar for LG TV, you can browse our list of soundbars compatible with LG TV to make a wise decision.

Best Soundbars For LG TV List

1. LG SL5Y High Resolution Soundbar

Coming from the brand itself, LG SL5Y is indeed one of the best soundbars for LG TV. For starters, this unit has an output power of 400W. The users find this power enough for TV watching and music listening.

A DTS virtual:X technology could be a perfect addition to a soundbar. With this creative system, a soundbar can offer you a room-filling surround sound. Meanwhile, Dolby Digital further adds the 3D effect to the audios. It also features an automatic sound level adjustment.

What’s even more good?

Compared to the other items, this soundbar for LG TV contains more plus points. Such as its wireless connectivity via Bluetooth gives you the comfort of not dealing with entangled wires. On top of all, the rear speakers are ensuring the delivery of high resolution audio.

  • High definition surround sound.
  • Bluetooth streaming.
  • Sound level adjustment.
  • No WiFi connectivity.

2. Sonos Playbar

Here’s another soundbar for LG TV, which is winning hearts through its functional features. Regardless of its easy setup, you will find it easy to control as well. To manage all the functions, use the buttons on the top. Otherwise, your TV remote is also enough for this.

Still, if you don’t feel comfortable in either of them, the Sonos app is there to provide you comfort. And if you love wireless connections, here you are with one. Moreover, the handy voice control, aka Alexa, will leave you praising this unit when you just have to call the Alexa, and that’s all good. You can connect this soundbar with your WiFi network and stream whatever you want.

Most important feature!

Thanks to the nine amplified internal speakers that will not disappoint you while delivering a highly defined sound. Other than this, the highs and the mids sound of this soundbar is excellent because of its built-in tweeters and the subwoofer.

  • Various ways of controlling.
  • WiFi streaming.
  • Internal speakers for amplification.
  • It’s pretty expensive.

3. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

Our next pick is Bose Solo. The prominent features that make this unit noticeable are the compact design and user-friendly nature. More than that, its sound modes put you in the cozy corner as you don’t have to change settings each time.

As far as the connectivity is concerned, it is compatible with Bluetooth connections. So you can stream your loved songs through your mobile. Aside from that, you can also connect this soundbar with your TV via optical cable and coaxial audio input.

Some more cool stuff!

This soundbar for LG smart TV comes with a universal remote that can handle all the systems like the TV, bass, volume, Bluetooth connections, and more. When it comes to the sound, it gives clear and crisp vocals so you can’t miss even a single dialogue of your favorite character.

  • Sound modes.
  • Both wired and wireless connections.
  • Universal remote control.
  • The sound could be more powerful.

4. LG SN5Y High Res Audio Soundbar

The very reason to put this rig in the category of one of the best for LG TV. It has compatible features with the TV units. To start with, it’s a 2.1 channel 400W soundbar providing you the optimum results when you wanna boost the sound quality.

Going further, the high resolution audio of about 96kHz makes you feel the voices as it’s all happening around you. And this resolution ranks this soundbar as the best soundbar for LG 4k TV. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth option lets you go further with ease. You can play whatever you want by just connecting your mobile phone with this unit.

Here’s a little more!

No feature can beat the surround sound, and that’s what this unit comes with. Having a DTS virtual: X technology, it emits sound waves that engulf your ears from all around. Also, the power cable in the package gives you another option to connect the soundbar with a wire.

  • High resolution audio.
  • DTS technology.
  • Wired and wireless connections.
  • No analog input.

5. Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar

The list won’t be complete without mentioning this rig. If you’re a true audiophile, this device is for sure made for you. Featuring a wide range of features, the foremost one is the DTS virtual: X. With this technology, the quality surround sound is the least worry.

In addition to this, connecting this soundbar to any device is just a breeze. There are four options for connecting such as Bluetooth, TV, HDMI, and analog. Bluetooth connection, though, is a huge plus when you often switch between the devices.

Additional perks!

Yamaha YAS-108 comes in a package with a remote for precise control of the soundbar. More than that, it also contains two spacers to mount it on the wall. Therefore, another benefit is that you can mount it on the wall, not just place it under your TV.

  • Room-filling surround sound.
  • Easy to set up and connect.
  • Wall mountable.
  • Bass is not powerful.

The Bottom Line

Entertainment is the dire need of this time. Yet it doesn’t matter; you get it in or outside of the home, but as we all are isolating ourselves from the community these days. It is necessary for both of our safety and well-being that we stay at home.

You can start watching all the seasons that you once put off due to your strict schedule. For this, a good home sound system is all you need.