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Best Soundbars For Music in 2022

What’s more joyful than having a party night at your home with your friends? Of course, nothing. But what if the music system, a mandatory part of your all-nighters, is not up to the mark?

Best Soundbars For Music

Yes, peeps! Here’s where all the fun just goes in vain. Your favorite song is playing, but you’re not getting the vibe of the lyrics. It seems as if the singer is just moving his vocal cords. You don’t feel the bass deeply. You are not getting a cinematic feeling. The voices you’re getting in your ears aren’t crispiest.

What’s going wrong, though.

The answer is you’re not having the right sound gadget or gear that can serve you on all these fronts. However, a soundbar can do this job for you.

But how exactly.

A soundbar can be your compact music system that will take the experience of music listening to a higher level. In fact, “the right soundbar” with the right features can. The best soundbar for music will have a broad range of mighty functions that will never disappoint you on voice quality.

Your music will sound like concerts, and your movies will give you a feeling of cinema with its surround sound features. There is no question of adding extra speakers to your system when these best soundbars have subwoofers in their packaging.

Hence, over this, we’re here to help you go through all the best soundbars. So you can make a better choice for yourself.

1. JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar

If you crave quality even on a low budget, JBL Bar Studio has a lot to offer. It’s the cheapest unit on our list with a large variety of functions. First of all, with its built-in dual bass port design, you can enjoy your favourite series with the crispiest sound.

Moreover, spreading a smooth sound field around you can give you a feeling of a concert. Now you can bring your music-listening to life with its clear vocals. You needn’t worry about wire connections anymore, as this best soundbar for music lovers can stream your favourite songs from any device with the aid of Bluetooth.

The best part!

The setup is a breeze as you just have to attach a single HDMI cable between your device and this soundbar. And you’re good to go. The loveliest thing about this unit is the ease of controlling with your TV remote as well. It means you can control your TV and this soundbar with a single remote at a single time.

  • Not enough bass for a larger space.

2. VIZIO Elevate Soundbar

Vizio Elevate Soundbar costs a bundle yet serves at the utmost level to music listeners. Its high performance speakers make your home theatre heaven. You cannot expect anything but a high and mighty sound from this best soundbar for music listening.

As an extra tweak, the brand has equipped this product with a separate sub and height-enabled rears. And this makes Vizio elevate stand out among its competitors. Not only this, the speakers feature an automatic rotation to optimize the sound quality.

Wanna give life to your songs?

This soundbar can serve you by its 107dB sound pressure and 30Hz-20kHz frequency range. So what’s more good than playing Senorita on a surround sound mode in your living room. With its Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound system, you will feel a cinematic vibe around you.

  • Clear and loud sound.
  • Cinematic sound.
  • Optimization of sound frequencies.
  • It doesn’t support Apple AirPlay.

3. Yamaha Audio YAS-209 Sound Bar

The Yamaha Audio YAS-209 Soundbar is considered one of the best soundbars for music because of its multiple features. For example, it includes Alexa support which offers utilitarian voice controls. And the articulated wireless subwoofer gives beefy bass. Moreover, the compact design let this unit adjust in crowded places as well.

Considering the price of this fantastic soundbar, it is a complete package of excellent features proving to be the best choice. The shiny, silky model with a 36-inch design gives a captivating appearance under most of the TVs.

What’s more?

You don’t need to scratch your head while dealing with cable wires as it features a Bluetooth connection as well. Apart from this, the mics of this innovative sound control system effectively work in louder surroundings making it the best soundbar for playing music.

  • Easy and handy voice controls.
  • Wireless access.
  • Focused sound all around the place.
  • Lacks low frequency effects.

4. Creative Stage 2.1 Channel 160W Under-Monitor Soundbar

The process of connecting your soundbar to your TV or mobile is a real deal in most of the units. However, not with the Creative Stage. With its extensive soundbar connections like Bluetooth, aux-in, optical input, and USB mp3, it offers you the convenience that whichever connection you may use.

Also, the dual drivers with subwoofer offer a premium speaker system. This system provides a tighter bass and clear dialogues. Now no more hassles in controlling your sound gadgets by just manual buttons on them, as it comes with a handy remote control system.

What Creative Stage contains more?

There are also some extra twists that enhance a good customer experience with this product. For example, the sleek design makes it possible to adjust in a room. Plus, this is one of the best soundbars that can be fit on the wall with a wall-mounting kit and may save space in your room.

  • Many options for connectivity.
  • Easy setup and use.
  • Handy controlling.
  • Less range in high frequency.

5. JBL SB110 Powerful Wireless Soundbar

What can JBL SB110 do for you? If you want a hassle-free soundbar with which you just attach your mobile or tablet, and it’s all set to have a party night with your friends, JBL can surely do this for you. The prominent feature is its built-in subwoofer. Now you don’t need extra space to experience room-rumbling bass.

Equipped with Dolby Digital, you will feel a premium surround sound as though you’re in a club. Moreover, you don’t want to struggle with a bunch of wires. And this best soundbar for music solves this problem by providing a Bluetooth connection from any mobile device.

The best part.

To connect this ingenious device with your TV, there is a one cable connection HDMI ARC that helps you have a seamless setup. Aside from all these, the best part is that you can even mount it on the wall.

  • Extremely easy setup.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • No need for a separate subwoofer.
  • Sound quality decreases a bit via HDMI cable.

6. Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar

The sleeker model of Yamaha YAS-109 soundbar with an in-built subwoofer offers the deep bass, and its compact design covers the smaller space of your area. With a great feature of compatibility with multiple audio formats and 3D virtual sound, this device has made its place in the list of best soundbars.

Offering the facility and simple setup with optical connections, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Spotify, you can easily enjoy podcasts and music of your own choice. Furthermore, the in-built Alexa offers a plain-vanilla voice control system which includes playing music on the soundbar, controlling volumes, turning on the mute and many more.

Not only this.

In addition to all these amazing features, this soundbar boosts the dialogue clarity with a clear voice. Plus, the 3D surround sound technology will let you feel like sitting in the great hall of a concert while listening to your favourite song.

  • Built-in subwoofer saves space.
  • Many choices of connections.
  • Alexa support.
  • Insufficient bass in larger places.

7. Roku Streambar 4K/HD/HDR Streaming Media Player and Premium Audio

Want to have an excellent package of unlimited and free of cost entertainment? Roku streambar has got you covered. Its 4K streaming device never fails to offer an extra essence of fun to its users. In fact, it is best used for amazing sound clarity, greater resolution and better projection of the pictures.

Moreover, this enjoyment pack is compatible to use with any kind of TV. Besides, the Dolby sound gives you awestruck moments of entertainment with its crispiest voice. Plus, the setup is a breeze. Just put it beside your TV, plug, and you’re good to go.

The loveliest feature.

You’ll rave about the automatic sound adjustment feature in this innovative soundbar that lowers the volume as the commercials start. Besides, the night mode is a life-saver when you don’t wanna wake your family up in the dead silence of the night.

  • 4K streaming.
  • Accurate audio with Dolby.
  • Simple sound settings.
  • Comparatively weak bass.

8. Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Soundbar

As the name indicates, this mini soundbar, besides its size, gives the full home theatre vibes with impressive sound quality. And that’s because of the Dolby technology that it comes with. The Polk audio magniFi mini soundbar packs a significant number of audios like a pro.

The compact design offers the best fitting into the tighter spaces without ever compromising on the quality and clarity of sound and dialogues. Moreover, a wireless subwoofer gives the deep bass, which amazingly works for music lovers.

The bottom line.

This miniature device provides the facility of sound immersion for shows and movies, offering great sound coverage for small apartments and big rooms as well. Being a budget-friendly device, this soundbar comes along with a remote with an effortless setup procedure.

  • High and mighty bass.
  • Compact design.
  • Wireless subwoofer.
  • No on screen display.

9. Sonos Playbar PBAR1US1BLK TV Speaker

If you are looking for a simple, easy to operate and powerful device with enhanced audio quality, then Sonos playbar is tested best in this regard. You can play each and everything from your computer storage or any other digital device.

Any soundtrack can easily be shared to the soundbar from other devices, including iPhone and Android. Moreover, the undemanding setup process can be connected to the internet via multiple sources, including Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and many more.

What’s more than that?

Sonos soundbar is very simple, nicely designed and offers much greater packages than any other Sonos soundbars. One of the great features of this best soundbar is its sound stage which gives an outstanding filling to your space because of its vast and expansive design.

  • A detailed soundstage.
  • Simple setup.
  • Beefy bass.
  • No HDMI connection.

10. Sony HT-G700 Soundbar

Often budget-friendly prices have nothing to do with functions. Same with this soundbar for music lovers. First up, the Dolby Atmos enabled subwoofer gives spine-tingling realism to your songs. Moreover, the vertical surround engine technology lets you feel a virtual 3D surround sound experience in your movies.

Not only this, its S-Force front sound technology lets you feel a sound extension like in cinemas or clubs. These all innovative technologies blend themselves to offer you an experience of a highly equipped sound system with only one soundbar.

What’s more?

As if that were not enough, Sony has made this unit 4k HDR compatible. It means that now you can enjoy your favourite movies without losing their quality. Aside from that, there are two sound modes on this soundbar. The first one is for watching TV, and with the second one, you can enhance your music listening experience.

  • Excellent quality for surround sound.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Wireless subwoofer.
  • The sub-bass is missing.

11. Vizio SB362An-F6 Soundbar

Vizio soundbar has gained a good rank in the list of soundbars because of its composition. It is designed with style and fits neatly under most of the TV screens. Furthermore, this best soundbar for music is almost 36-inches wide and comes along with iron wall brackets. This wall support makes a safe place for its placement.

Along with these, you can enjoy the upgraded version of your audios and music because of the built-in speaker function. Moreover, a virtual X system is also present, offering a great immersion to the sound and thus creating a perfect environment to watch your favourite content with great comfort and pleasure.

The bottom line.

With these outstanding features and a dual subwoofer, this soundbar is definitely a good pick for music lovers and worth every single penny.

  • Room-rumbling bass.
  • Crispy audio.
  • Easy placement.
  • No HDMI connection.

Buying Guide for Sounbars

Before you even go to the add-to-cart button, you really need a guide from us on what are the primary factors you should be looking for in a soundbar for your music listening.

Here are some to make your purchase fool-proof.

Subwoofers For Extra Bass

The first and foremost factor you should look for is the size of your room or home theatre. Larger spaces need soundbars that come with subwoofers. Hence this speaker system can be enough for people in the faraway corners of the room.

Furthermore, a subwoofer lets you experience a focused sound and beefy bass. So it is wise to consider your place, so you don’t spend your money on the wrong item.

Size Of The Soundbar

Size is likely to be the primary factor not for functionalities but for the looks of your room. Yes, you definitely need a unit that will fit perfectly beneath your TV or PC.

Soundbar tends to be the centrepiece of your music system in your home theatre. Therefore it needs to be sitting in the right corner. For this, you can go for the options that will be compatible with your space. Or else the soundbars with wall mounting options can work well.

Ports and Connectivity

It is another crucial factor to look at. What do you need? Wired or wireless access. Is the soundbar offering any wireless connection? There should be at least a Bluetooth connection for this.

In other cases, if you need a wired connection, an HDMI port or optical audio can serve you better. Not all soundbars come with an HDMI port, though. But if you must need one for your game consoles, there are several options on our list for this.

Dolby Atmos Technology

If you’re a passionate music listener, surround sound technology must be there for you in a soundbar. Dolby Atmos technology offers you a lot over this. It can make the sound move around you, giving you a feeling of 3D vocals.

The big difference between a typical sound and a Dolby Atmos sound is that in the latter one, you’ll listen to the beats move up and down, not just side to side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a soundbar be controlled with a TV remote?

Having one single remote for your TV and the soundbar can greatly reduce the effort. But is this possible?

As long as the soundbar is connected to the TV by a wired connection such as an HDMI port or optical audio, you can control the volume or mute the sound of the soundbar by using TV remotes.

Which connection is better, wired or wireless?

Totally depends on a user’s choice. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are far more convenient when you wanna connect your mobile to listen to music.

But when it comes to playing games or watching a movie on your TV, wired connections are better. For instance, there must be a cable, an HDMI wire or optical audio that you would be using to connect your soundbar with your devices.

Do soundbars always need to have separate subwoofers?

No, not really. Some soundbars come with built-in subwoofers to save space while giving the same quality bass.

And there are also some units that contain a separate subwoofer, wired or wireless, that helps give accurate sounds and deep bass.

Do soundbars support Alexa or Google assistant Siri?

Not all the time. In fact, there aren’t any soundbars that are compatible with Google assistant. However, a few of them support Alexa for handy voice controls.

For instance, in our list, YAS-209 supports Alexa devices.

Where should a soundbar be mounted?

Technically, it can be mounted anywhere. Be it above or below the TV. But the better option is to fix it below your TV.

The very reason behind this is that the sound waves emitting out of the soundbars should be matched with your ear level. Otherwise, there are chances of getting your sound quality affected.


Soundbars are somewhat tricky gadgets. And deciding which one will fit your requirements needs thorough research on all the options out there. However, with our guide on the extensive options for this product, we’re sure you’ll get your hand on at least one.