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Best Soundbar Under $500 in 2022

There are not much TV manufacturers can do when it comes to projecting quality sound from today’s ultra-flat televisions.

In fact, they never worried too much about sound, since it is not an important selling point compared to others such as image quality, flat profile.

Best Soundbar Under $500

If you have a high-end TV with a 4K resolution, you will surely have noticed that audio will not be your strong point with total probability. How do we solve this problem? A perfect soundbar is a device that will offer us an excellent surround sound experience.

Moreover, it can be easily installed in any room without having to fill it with many speakers everywhere. They can be placed on a wall or under your television, and often come with an integrated subwoofer to get powerful bass.

Although a soundbar seems the solution to most of our problems, they don’t come cheap. So, most of us prefer to compromise our audio experience instead of spending a lot of money on a soundbar.

Well, there is amazing news for you, there are many soundbars which are under 500$ but provide the sound quality of an expensive one. How to find these top-rated soundbars under 500? Well, I can help you with that.

Are you looking for a cheap soundbar for your television in 2021 for less than 500 dollars? Do you want the best soundbar with a subwoofer? Do you want a soundbar without an external subwoofer?

Do you want to find the best soundbar for Samsung Tv? Do You want even the best soundbar? We have got all of these covered in the following article.

When making this selection, we have taken into account four factors: the price-quality ratio, the design, the sound quality, the connections of the bar, and the compatibility with the multichannel audio formats. I hope you find it helpful.

List of Best Soundbar Under $500

1. Wohome S9920 Soundbar

The Wohome S9920 is the best soundbar under $500. It is a complete package and offers unparalleled value as a soundbar.

Reasons To Buy
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with 30 feet range
  • Decent bass without any subwoofer
Reasons To Avoid
  • It doesn’t suitable with small and compact places
  • Doesn’t cover very low frequencies

This soundbar is not only sleek and elegant, it makes watching a show or movie all the more amazing. The sound quality is astoundingly good. The user interface is simple and easy to use.

With less than $ 500, it is the perfect complement for a 4K TV of reasonable price, with two sound modes and many other useful functions.

One sound mode is for music with excellent bass and the other one SR-2 is for movies and other stuff were hearing every word with excellent clarity is important.

Sound Quality: When it comes to real sound quality, the Wohome S9920 is extremely impressive for its money. It covers high and mid-range frequencies very well. There are 4 full-range speakers and 2 Tweeters inside, which results in excellent sound and 3D surround sound effects.

Sub: Absent.

Size: 38.6 x 4 x 4.1 inches

Connections: optical cable, USB, RCA, line-in, a coaxial, and an auxiliary 3.5 mm analog input

Wireless Connections: Bluetooth 4.0

Final Views:

It is a perfect bar for music lovers who want to enjoy music with an excellent base, without needing any subwoofer. It also great for enjoying seasons and games etc.  For those looking for the best sound and the most diverse feature, all while saving a little money, Wohome S9920 is an excellent choice.

2. Samsung HW-MS550 Soundbar

The Samsung HW-MS550 Sound + is an elegant and best soundbar for Samsung tv which does not need additional components but still contains audio power to improve your home theater system.

Reasons To Buy
  • Supports high-resolution music files
  • Connects with Spotify
Reasons To Avoid
  • Few buttons on the remote control

That simplicity of the design also extends to the minimalist remote control, which is simple and intuitive to use, and the Smart Sound EQ system, which is one of the few button DSP functions, that we believe really improves sound performance in all formats and genres.

Sound Quality: Its two stereo channels have 2 woofers and one tweeter each, using each 20W driver amplification and patented distortion cancellation technology.

The sound is very good, with very good midrange and treble and a very remarkable stereo effect, which makes it very suitable for music.

Size: 89 cm wide and 7.1cm high

Connections: HDMI input with 4K passthrough, an HDMI ARC socket, optical digital audio, and an auxiliary 3.5mm input

Wireless Connections: Bluetooth, multiroom speaker, and Wifi

Final Views:

The bottom line is, HW-MS550 Sound + is the perfect bar for those who want an excellent sound, with a simple configuration and without problems. It is one of the best soundbars for 500.

It is a super recommended purchase if you want to prioritize the musical aspect, ahead of the contents of the television. You will not find any other soundbar that sounds better with music and for this price.

3. Samsung Electronics Premium Soundbar (HW-MS650/ZA)

The Samsung HW-MS650 is a product in which the sound quality has been taken care of to the maximum.

Reasons To Buy
  • Supports high-resolution music files
  • Connects with Spotify
Reasons To Avoid
  • No HDR support

It is also, in addition, the best soundbar without a subwoofer at the moment. Its sound quality is extraordinary, as well as its design and connectivity, things that make it one of the most complete soundbars and with the best value for money.

Its appearance corresponds to that of a premium product, with a metal casing elegantly finished in brushed aluminum on the top and a metal front grille that protects the transducers.

Sound Quality: It has a subwoofer, neither internal nor external. Internally, it comes with 2 woofers and 1 tweeter for each of the three audio channels. <

This enables high-level volume without producing any distortion. There are extreme sharpness and balance in all frequencies. Due to the absence of external sub-woofers bass isn’t that up to par with other features.

Size: 106 cm wide and 8cm high, quite large and heavy

Connections: remote control, two HDMI jacks, one 3.3mm mini-jack connector.

Wireless Connections: Bluetooth and Wifi

Final Views:

This is indeed one of the best soundbars under $500. People who want a premium quality soundbar at a low price can really benefit from it. If you’re thinking about bass quality, well it’s not that bad, to be honest. You will love it for sure.

4. Samsung HW-K450 2.1 Channel 300-Watt Wireless Soundbar

The Samsung K450 is a lightweight soundbar with contained dimensions that fit well in any type of furniture and living room.

Reasons To Buy
  • Samsung Bluetooth Control app
  • play uncompressed formats like FLAC, WAV, OGG
  • Best sound quality
Reasons To Avoid
  • It does not have WIFI

It is built-in high-density plastic and covered with a metallic aluminum mesh that gives solidity to the whole.

The sound performance it provides is superior to that of most of the bars in this range of prices, since it uses a woofer and a tweeter on both channels, providing a higher fidelity sound than the typical full-range drivers of cheap soundbars.

Sound Quality: It is a 2.1 system with a 6.5 “subwoofer that is decent enough but without the forcefulness of other” Subs ” The bar has 4 drivers, two tweeters plus two oval midranges, located at the ends. It produces a clear sound in the midst and treble, above all.

Size: 90.8 cm long, 53.5 high, and 70.5 cm deep

Connections: HDMI with ARC, optical input with the included cable, a 3.5 mm auxiliary input and also a USB port for playback

Wireless Connections: Bluetooth

Sub-woofers: This soundbar has high-quality sub-woofers.

Final Views:

If you are searching for an active soundbar but are unable to spend more than 500, the most recommended soundbar is the Samsung HW-K450. Its strongest point is its excellent value for money and the number of connections available.

5. LG SJ8 4.1 Soundbar with 300 W Wireless Subwoofer, Bluetooth

I conclude this list of tv soundbar reviews with The LG SJ8 bar. It is an impressive soundbar of 300 W of RMS power and is very well equipped.

Reasons To Buy
  • Very nice design and with a thin profile
  • With WiFi and Bluetooth
Reasons To Avoid
  • Few configurations option

Of all this power, 130 W is provided by the bar itself and 170 W by the dedicated subwoofer that produces deep bass.  The design is elegantly finished in silver and has a minimalist aura.

On the upper surface of the right flank of the bar, we find the perfectly integrated touch control buttons. The bar is equipped with full synchronization to the TV, both on / off and volume control (TV Sound Sync).

Sound Quality: The sound is very good, do not expect a very enveloping sound but it significantly improves the sound of the TV. Perfect for music lovers as its links with Spotify, Amazon music goes great.

Size: Bar 122 x 3.8 x 10.5 cm Subwoofer: 17.1 x 32 x 25.2 cm

Sub-woofers: presence of sub-woofers provide the high-quality sound.

Connections: Digital optics, HDMI 2.0 (In + out), USB, LAN, 4K Pass-Through, 3.5mm.

Wireless Connections: Bluetooth and WIFI

Final Views:

The bottom line is that SJ8 by LG can be the savior for those who love extra punch in their bass. The sound quality is great and can easily be used by music lovers. It definitely is entitled to be in our list of best soundbars under 500.

6. Denon HEOS HomeCinema Soundbar & Subwoofer

There is no doubt at all that this is one of the most visually attractive soundbars. Denon has equipped the bar with a pentagonal shape that looks great, with high-quality plastic.

Reasons To Buy
  • A good number of connections
  • With WiFi and BluetoothVery nice design and not too big or heavy
Reasons To Avoid
  • The lack of a central channel is evident in movies and series

Moreover, it has a mesh fabric that protects the internal transducers and a strip of LED lighting in the bottom of the front of the bar that gives a very modern touch.

It is a 2.1 bar, with 4 internal transducers (one tweeter and one mid-woofer per channel) and an external wireless active subwoofer, with a 5.25 “double cone and bass-reflex design.

Sound Quality: The sound is very good. All the frequencies are reproduced with a faithful response that brings the bar closer to the high-fidelity range, but above all, it highlights the tremendous power, punching, and extension of a splendid subwoofer.

Size: 9.4 x 101.7 x 8.2 cm (bar), 31.3 x 17.1 x 33.2 cm (subwoofer)

Connections: HDMI ARC, optical digital audio, coaxial and auxiliary 3.5mm input

Sub-woofers: This soundbar has majestic quality external sub-woofers.

Wireless Connections: Bluetooth and WIFI

Final Views:

Thanks to its fantastic design, good sound, and great performance of its subwoofer, it is a highly recommended soundbar for anyone who wants a fantastic sound in two channels and with powerful bass. It provides the essential bass to enjoy all kinds of movies, series, and video games, and also a magnificent musical reproduction.

7. Sonos Beam – Compact Smart TV Soundbar

It is one of the top soundbars under 500 for the users who want good sound, voice assistance, and hands-free control of the basic functions of a TV in a single package.

Reasons To Buy
  • very attractive minimalist design
  • hands-free control
Reasons To Avoid
  • Incompatible with DTS

Working directly with Alexa, Beam combines your favorite voice assistant with ARC HDMI and CEC controls.

It will not only allow you to control your smart home devices, but you can also control your basic TV functions, such as volume and (most importantly) power with the voice. But it does much more than that.

Sound Quality: It has 5 transducers in its interior for a total of 3 channels, each powered by Class D amplifiers and with 3 passive radiators that provide a very good bass experience without any need of a subwoofer. Size: smallest with only 65cm width

Connections: socket for HDMI ARC, input for optical digital audio.

Wireless Connections: WIFI only, no remote control (everything is controlled by the Sonos app).

Final Views:

This awesome piece of technology is suitable for People with space problems in the room, who do not want to put a subwoofer or have space in the TV cabinet to put a large bar and do not want to give up the good sound quality.

8. Sony CT800 powerful soundbar with 4k HDR

If you’re looking for a soundbar under $500, you must consider Sony CT800. It is a quite stylish soundbar that will work well with your room aesthetics.

Reasons To Buy
  • Compatible with both DTS as well as Delby
  • With WiFi and Bluetooth
Reasons To Avoid
  • Difficult user interface

Without a doubt, this soundbar is an excellent choice thanks to its cinematic sound and wireless surround sound effects. The CT800 connects to the internet via WiFi so it plays things like Spotify over the internet instead of connecting via Bluetooth with your phone. The benefits of this are better quality sound via WiFi, no battery usage from the phone, and the multi-room feature.

Sound Quality: The sound quality is great, it has better wattage and deeper bass than many other soundbars in this price range. It provides well-balanced sound without getting muddy or distorted.

Size: 43.2 x 20.4 x 9.8 inches

Connections: Optical digital audio, 3 HDMI input, 1 HDMI ARC output, and 1 USB input

Sub-woofers: Wireless subwoofers are easy to connect and provide a deeper base to the voice.

Wireless Connections: Bluetooth and WIFI

Final Views:

CT800 by Sony is made for people who love the deep base and amazing surround sound effects. If you are looking for something versatile and practical that is future-proof and integrates Chromecast, then this is an excellent choice.


Since a soundbar is a product that tries to improve the mediocre sound of our television, the most important aspect is, precisely, the sound quality.

Not all soundbars offer a good sound quality, and this is a mistake in which many people who do not know basic concepts of sound or who do not have a very tuned ear fall.

In fact, some very low-end soundbars do not improve the sound of the television. So before buying, we must ensure that the soundbar we are buying is increasing the quality of sound or not otherwise we are just wasting our money.

In the list above we mention some of the best soundbars under 500, so you don’t have to compromise about your sound quality due to less budget. If you still can’t decide, I have narrowed down the choices according to your budget for you.