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Best Soundbars Under $400 in 2022

Watching your favorite season is like living with the characters and facing the exact challenges they face. But what if these “digital companions” of yours are inaudible. You can’t hear anything but the muffled sound of their worth remembering dialogues.

Best Soundbars Under $400

In complete distress. Right?

Your TV, no matter how huge it is, does not satisfy the needs of mighty speakers. Even the best units out there are not equipped with sound systems that can leave you feeling content with the sound quality.

So what’s to be done?

A soundbar is a device that can offer its services in these circumstances. Having a robust sound would be your least worry. Deep bass would be at a hand’s distance of just turning on the subwoofers. Moreover, some inventive technologies like Dolby Atmos and DTS :X won’t disappoint you by giving exceptional surround sound.

We have covered here the some of the best soundbars, so you can get the best pieces yet remaining in budget. These all products feature the top-notch attributes by which you can have the best audio experience.

Best SoundBars Under $400

1. Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL SoundBar

This one of the best soundbars that is just under $400 can never leave you unsatisfied with its comprehensive features. Serving you at each front Yamaha YAS-209BL eases you at connecting this soundbar with your TV or other devices. Like by an HDMI and optical cable.

Moreover, an automatic wireless subwoofer connection keeps the hassle less when using it. This wireless connection not only offers an easy placement, its deep bass is also worth considering.

How is it to just move your tongue and have everything set? That’s the service this unit provides by having a built-in Alexa voice control. Now just say “Alexa, play Savage Love,” and you’re ready to hear Jawsh with room-rumbling beats.

Some more perks!

And one prominent reason is that it features a DTS Virtual :X technology. It’s kind of like a more innovative one than DTS :X. But with the previous one, you don’t need overhead speakers for height virtualization.

  • Wireless subwoofer.
  • Built-in Alexa for voice control.
  • Spotify, WiFi, or Bluetooth enabled.
  • Customer support is not that good.

2. Sonos Beam – Smart TV SoundBar

Silence is good, but not when you’re playing your favorite game. To provide you the clear sound for each click, boom, and crack, Sonos Beam features a high definition sound. Also, the soundbar puts clear vocals that may fill the entire room.

Thanks to its compact design, you can place it anywhere, but beneath the TV set would be an ideal place. With just 25.6 inches in length, it’ll not block your TV. Setup is just a child’s play. Right after unboxing, connect it via two cables and be ready to make your home a cinema.

Often controlling a soundbar with your TV is somewhat hectic. Not with the Sonos Beam, though. It comes with triple controlling systems such as with your voice, the remote, or simply with the Sonos app installed on your mobile.

The bottom line!

It is one of the best soundbars that packs all punches at this low price. However, if convenience and user-friendly nature are your top priorities, this rig is just for you.

  • High definition sound.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy controlling.
  • Often suffers audio lag behind the video.

3. Klipsch Cinema 600 SoundBar

At a glance, Klipsch will give you a sturdy look. It’s the most significant sized unit with 45 inches of length. However, when it comes to features, the center dedicated 3.1ch lets this soundbar produce crystal clear dialogues delivery.

One of the loveliest factors is the auto-volume mode. If you ever surf mindlessly through different channels, this unit will adjust the volume automatically. More than that, the subwoofer adjustment feature will serve you at customizing the bass level.

What’s better than a wireless audio device? Nothing. This piece by Klipsch is one of the best that offers Bluetooth compatibility. You’ll just need your mobile phone, and there you’re ready to stream your favorite shows or podcasts.

As if these all features were not enough!

The brand has also added a 5.1 channel surround sound. No need for the virtual heightening of the sound waves.

  • Auto-volume mode.
  • Bluetooth compatible.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Doesn’t support Dolby Atmos content.

4. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

If you don’t wanna go on the pricey side, this soundbar is precisely for you. Proving it to be the best soundbar under 400, it has a premium value to offer. Firstly, it comes with an automatic dialogue mode that will make each line from the protagonist’s mouth clear and crispier.

Connecting it to your devices is a cakewalk as it comes with a Bluetooth connectivity feature. Now stream the songs without any wire. Moreover, with its exclusive technologies, you’ll listen better even if you’re sitting at the farthest spot in your lounge.

To connect it with your TV, this soundbar needs only one cable. Easy to set up as just plug and play. Other than that, its compact body is able to fit itself anywhere the user likes.

The conveniences don’t just end here.

If you have no place to put it anywhere, just mount it on the wall with a wall mounting kit. Also, it fits well in the overall looks of your posh apartment.

  • Auto-dialogue mode.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Compact design with perfect looks.
  • Flops in low end components.

5. Yamaha YAS-207BL SoundBar

Any word said by any character in your heart-loving TV series is not worth missing. When your TV disappoints you at offering this, YAS-207BL comes in the place to serve you. We call it the best soundbar under 400 because it is the first soundbar that introduced the DTS Virtual:X technology.

So you needn’t purchase extra speakers to add some height to the sound with this soundbar. Meanwhile, the subwoofer adds icing to the cake by providing more quality to the bass.

You can stream music, podcasts, games, videos, or whatever you want from your mobile phone by simply connecting it via Bluetooth. This wireless connection will make your hassle less, so you don’t need wire cables each time you connect this soundbar.

Some more bonuses!

Furthermore, there are wired connections as well. An HDMI port, an optical cable, and an analog cable. Lastly, the setup is not so complicated; hence you can just unbox, plug and play.

  • Excellent surround sound.
  • Wireless subwoofer.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection.
  • Cuts out at low volume.

6. VIZIO SB36512-F6 SoundBar

You’ll find much more in this soundbar in spite of its inexpensive price tag. For example, its built-in up-firing speakers work together with the 5.1.2 channel. These both together have the ability to engulf your room with bassy sound.

Adding icing to the cake, the Dolby Atmos technology even makes the sound waves more 3-dimensional. In short, with this soundbar, the deep or beefy bass will not be a problem at all.

In addition to this, it comes with a subwoofer and two separate speakers. The wireless subwoofer, however, makes the audience feel thunderous with its low-pitch yet high bass. The design is sleek and simple. It fits perfectly with your home theater setup.

What feature users rave about the most!

What most of the users rave about this soundbar is that it has a built-in Chromecast device. No matter what streaming app you like to use, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, this best soundbar under 400 will provide live content. Now you can watch live TV shows, matches or listen to live podcasts.

  • Premium bass.
  • Wireless subwoofer.
  • Chromecast enability.
  • Poor vertical sound.

7. Bose Smart Soundbar

Do more than justwatching; experience it. That’s what Bose Smart being one of the best, is offering. If you want looks, nobody can beat this unit. However, the functionalities are also there to satisfy your needs.

With this rig, you won’t need an external voice assistant as it features a built-in Alexa device. Having handy voice controls, you can direct it with just one call to Alexa. But the point to be considered is how on earth it’s gonna listen to your voice while upbeating music is playing on the soundbar. The answer is that its noise-rejecting mic will pick your voice in every situation.

As for connecting your devices, it all depends on your choice as it comes with all wireless connections (Bluetooth, WiFi, Spotify, Airplay2). But on the other hand, wired connections are also there. You can connect your unit with an optical device or simply with an HDMI port.

What’s more?

More perks are there, such as the central unit is really easy to set up. Also, it’s a  lightweight unit that you’ll open, connect to your device and play.

  • Built-in voice assistant.
  • Noise-rejecting mic system.
  • Both wired and wireless connections.
  • Bluetooth connection cuts off frequently.


Some epic movies with their protagonist stating their historical lines are waiting for you. But here, you’re struggling with your TV to get a high volume.

Why bother when a soundbar with utmost features can offer you not just high volumes but also thunderous bass, surround sounds, and much more.

So to experience a bit of cinematic feel at home in this pandemic situation, you don’t need anything but a soundbar. What you have to do is just pick the right one from our list and here you go!