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Sonos Soundbar Review 2021

Today, we will check Sonos soundbar review, one of the best selling and versatile Soundbars of 21st century. We will give a review about Sonos 5 best Soundbars so you can get an idea, which soundbar best suited you. 

Sonos is one of the popular brands in the soundbar industry. Over the past 14 years, Sonos developed a great Eco system of audio products that allows you to use the soundbars according to your favorite programs. 

Sonos Soundbar Review

Sonos app features an innovative and easier interface that provides easy access to all your streaming music services. They consistently release updates that not only improve the functionality of their products but also the sound of the Soundbars. 

In this article, we will share a complete but brief guide about Sonos best soundbars and compare all of them with each other. So, it will not take much of your time and you will get to the conclusion and decide easily that which soundbar is good for you to purchase according to your needs. 

Sonos Soundbars are very reliable and such a big brand that every website gives its review like Sonos soundbar review cnet.   

We also get small research for you here and give you the review of Sonos top 5 soundbars that will blow your mind and help you to get decide, which one is the best to suit your needs.

So, without wasting any more time, here are those 5 soundbars of Sonos for your reference:

Top 5 – Sonos Soundbar Reviews

1. Sonos Playbar

Sonos Playbar is a masterpiece of Sonos in the soundbar industry and is our 1st soundbar of Sonos soundbar review. Sonos Playbar is all in one soundbar that can be used on its own for streaming all your favorite music, or you can easily connect it with your TV for the dramatic improvement of sound which your TV rare speakers are unable to produce.

Sonos Soundbar Review
Reasons To Buy
  • Easy setup
  • Amazing sound
  • Speech enhancement and night mode features
Reasons To Avoid
  • No voice control

You can enjoy every flavor of sound with the Sonos Playbar whether you are Movie, Music or a TV show lover. It is engineering to produce a remarkable sound that can close to emphasize the sound of the human voice so you can fell in love to the movie and follow the story properly. 

Sonos Playbar produces a deep bass that can fill the room with incredible music. Sonos Playbar can also connect with others inline Sonos products to create a surround sound at his best. It is a mountable soundbar that you can mount it on any wall easily and it is designed to position like that, you can place or adjust it anywhere in the room by putting it on the shelve just under your TV to get what you want. 

It is engineered in a way that can automatically tune itself accordingly to give you the best possible sound. You can connect easily different Sonos speakers via wifi and set those speakers in different areas of the room to get the home theatre experience. 

Sonos Playbar is the Soundbar that gets people together and closer with its magical sound. 

Easy Setup: Controlling a soundbar could not be simpler but with Sonos Playbar, it is possible now. After a 30 second setup process, you will be able to control the Sonos Playbar using your existing TV remote. 

Intelligent Playbar: Sonos Playbar is so intelligent that knows whether you are watching TV or listening to your favorite music, it will seamlessly switch back in fourth for you automatically. 

Speakers: Sonos Playbar is equipped with 9 speakers and these 9 speakers covered the left, center, and right channels to provide outstanding TV sound. 

Speech Enhancement: When you are watching TV shows or movie, you can find that dialogue track is getting ground out, Sonos has provided a feature that is called Speech Enhancement. This mode allows the Playbar to identify and isolate the range of frequencies of the human voice and boost them making it easier to understand the dialogue without having damaging the overall volume.

Night Sound: Another great feature of Sonos Playbar is Night Sound. An interesting thing about this feature is, when you want to enjoy watching your favorite movie or listen to your favorite music without waking your family, turn this feature on and the volume of the bangs and crashes will automatically lower while the volume of the audio track remains consistent.   

Final Views:

In Sonos soundbar review, Sonos Playbar is simply one of the most flexible and useful soundbar. It is worked perfectly by itself or paired with any of the other Sonos products to take things to the whole different level. Sonos playbar review will make you love this soundbar.

2. Sonos Playbase

In Sonos soundbar review, we will share with you now Sonos wireless soundbar, the Sonos Playbase. It is the soundbase for those ones who are not a fan of wall mounting their Soundbars. Sonos Playbase makes a sensible alternative to Soundbars. Soundbars are bit tall than the soundbase and Sonos Playbase is just over 2 inches tall with a very sleek and beautiful design.

Sonos Soundbar Review
Reasons To Buy
  • Good sound for TV show and Film
  • Easy setup
  • Slim and sleek design
Reasons To Avoid
  • Only one optical input

Most people like Sonos Playbase because it is bring something that adds some aesthetic value in terms of just looks but also the sound quality and performance is very high.  

Sonos Playbase is extremely a low profile soundbase and its setup is quite simple that can take few minutes to completely useable after un-boxing. Since it is a Sonos product, you can control it with your smartphone or tablet with a Sonos app installed on it. 

With its 10 speakers drivers, you can get intense sound wirelessly with wifi connectivity. The kind of audio you get from Sonos Playbase is remarkable. Like all other products of Sonos, Playbase sound is impeccable.   

Night Listening Mode: When you turn on the Night listening mode, it can reduce the bass and compress the dynamic range so you can avoid sudden loud explosions that can disturb your family or neighbors. 

Dialogue Enhancement: Sonos Playbase has dialogue enhancement mode which you can use while watching your favorite movie. So, you will not miss any detail of dialogue.

Low-Profile design: Sonos Playbase is made with a low-profile design. It is just over 2 inches tall that gives you a very smart look. 

Final Views:

In Sonos soundbar review, Sonos Playbase is definitely a great and best option for soundbase lovers. It is simple to use for TV and movies, it is sound perfect and definitely the best soundbase in the market but if you are looking for Sonos soundbar for music then it is not the best option for you. It produces good sound for music but not as good as others Sonos Soundbars do. The bass is surprisingly forceful that can fill up your room. It is a bit expensive but you can get what you pay for.  

3. Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam is our 3rd soundbar of Sonos soundbar review. It is the perfect and one of the top Soundbar with built-in Alexa and many more features that can blow your mind. Sonos Beam a small size soundbar produces a sound that is incredibly good and clear like pure water.

Sonos Soundbar Review
Reasons To Buy
  • Brilliant Sound
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Easy setup
Reasons To Avoid
  • Limited connectivity option 

No matter what you are streaming, either watching your favorite movie, or listening to your favorite music, or streaming your favorite TV show or playing games on Xbox and Play station, the Sonos Beam will give you the sound that your program deserves. 

Built-in Alexa will enhance your user experience and give you more convenience to stream and control all your favorite programs by your voice. 

You will not regret purchasing Sonos Beam because it has all those features that the best soundbar should have and when we look at the price, Sonos Beam is a best-budgeted soundbar amongst all other Sonos Soundbars. 

You will find all the good things in this small size soundbar because it will fulfill your own home theatre experience. Sonos beam review will definitely help you to love this product for many reasons.

Clear Crystal Sound: Sonos Beam produces crystal clear sound because it is made to emphasize the sound of the human voice so you can hear every word of the dialogue clear and crisp. 

Voice Control: Sonos Beam equipped with built-in Alexa that helps you to completely control the soundbar with your voice.

Voice Control: Sonos Beam equipped with built-in Alexa that helps you to completely control the soundbar with your voice.

Connect more speakers: You can connect more Sonos speakers to your Sonos Beam while placing those speakers in different rooms to make a home theatre setup and bring everyone together.

Final Views:

Sonos Beam is no doubt one of the best and budgeted soundbar that Sonos produce. Sonos soundbar review will tell you, Sonos Beam not only gives your brilliant sound but it is also equipped with so many new features including built-in Alexa which most of the other Soundbars do not have. 

4. Sonos Arc

In Sonos soundbar review, Sonos Arc is another best and latest soundbar of Sonos. Sonos Arc, the completely redesign soundbar that offers all you expect from the best soundbar equipped with the Dolby Atmos audio. Sonos Arc brings all your entertainment to life with an extremely realistic sound. 

Sonos Soundbar Review
Reasons To Buy
  • Amazing 3D Cinematic sound
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Speech enhancement and night mode features
Reasons To Avoid
  • Limited connectivity options

Sonos equipped with 8 electrical woofers and 11 digital amplifiers that perfectly tuned for the speaker’s acoustics. Sonos Arc produces immersive sound. 

If you are watching a movie or a TV show that does not have Atmos, Sonos will adjust the upward speakers for improved bass. 

Sonos Arc is a massive Sonos upgrade over Sonos Playbar. Sonos Arc has more improved bass performance and you will note a huge difference in all aspects including directional sound. 

Plenty of Soundbars offers Dolby Atmos support but Sonos Arc also doubles it as a great sounding speaker for music. In fact you will be impress with the bass performance of Sonos Arc without annoying your neighbors. 

You can use the option which is on the top of the soundbar to mute the microphone so you can use Alexa and Google Assistance voice control. 

When you are watching TV, there are plenty of handy features that will help you to control the soundbar according to your needs.

Night Mode: Sonos Arc Night mode feature helps you to increase quite sound and reduces the loud ones. So, your family and neighbors did not disturb in the night and you can easily enjoy watching your favorite movie. 

Speech Enhancement: Speech enhancement mode focuses on dialogue by enhancing the audio frequencies associated with the human voice. 

3D Sound: You can get 3D sound quality from the Sonos Arc because it is equipped with Dolby Atmos.

Voice Control: Sonos Arc has built-in Alexa and Google Assistance which helps you to control all the functions of your Sonos Arc with your voice.

Apple Airplay2: You can also control and listen to your favorite music or streaming YouTube Video with Apple Airplay 2 without using Sonos App. 

Final Views:

When you are looking for the latest soundbar packed with all new features then Sonos Arc is best and that is why we add up this in our Sonos soundbar review. It has built-in Alexa and many other features that will blow your mind. The design of the soundbar is also remarkable that can enhance the look of your room. It is a bit expensive as it is the latest soundbar of Sonos. 

5. Sonos Amp

In Sonos soundbar review, Sonos Amp is a perfect addition that will help you to fulfill your dream of your own home theatre system. Sonos Amp, the perfect amplifier is a brand new product of Sonos and it produces the solid audio and the same richness of sound which you can experience from any of the famous and expensive soundbar brands. 

Sonos Soundbar Review
Reasons To Buy
  • Compact design
  • More connectivity options
  • Boost the sound of your existing Sonos soundbars
Reasons To Avoid
  • Bit expensive

Sonos makes an amplifier many years back, but people need more power. That is why Sonos delivers and produce its compact and latest amplifier, the Sonos Amp.  It is so flexible that you can connect it with your existing Sonos products like Sonos Beam, a Playbar or, a Playbase to get surround sound.  

Sonos upgraded this amplifier with more connectivity options and the top of the list is HDMI option, which helps you to directly connect your TV that has Arc with Sonos Amp. It has also a mounting option on the back of the amplifier so you can easily mount it on the wall. 

Sonos Amp has a line in port on the back as well so you can use that to connect CD player or something like that. It also has a subwoofer out so you can use that to connect any third party subwoofer you might have. 

You can connect different pairs of speakers with Sonos Amp and place those speakers in different rooms to get fill up the house with amazing surround sound and get everyone together. Sonos Amp is strong enough to handle different speaker’s pairing. 

Easy Setup: It is also very dead easy to setup. All you can do is just plug into mains power and install Sonos App from playstore for free and then follow the instructions. 

Wireless streaming: Sonos Amp has a wireless streaming option via Sonos App. You can stream all your favorite music with Sonos Amp by connecting it to Sonos App.

Modern Design: New Sonos Amp is very sleek, slim, and modern design comes in black color. It has a touch panel on the front which makes it look so good and easy to use. 

Centralized heat sync: Sonos Amp has a Centralized heat sync system at the bottom. It helps to avoid from overheating the Sonos Amp and cools it if you still use the most demanding speakers with it. 

Built-in Airplay2: Sonos Amp also has built-in Airplay2 so if you are Apple user then you can use your Apple phone or Ipad to watch your favorite YouTube video without using Sonos App. 

Final Views:

Sonos Amp has a lot more details and bass performance that push us to add this Sonos amplifier in our Sonos soundbar review. If you want more power, then Sonos Amp is the best addition to your home theatre system. With all new features and high performance, the price is a bit high but as you know you will get what you pay for.  


A good soundbar should first and foremost allow you to understand every spoken word of the dialogue and Sonos all soundbars excel in that area. In this article Sonos soundbar review, we shared 5 best Soundbars of Sonos with you so it helps you to understand which Sonos soundbar is a perfect match to your needs. 

Sonos debut in the audio equipment industry back in 2013. Since then the company has introduced the Sonos Playbase in 2017 and the compact Sonos Beam soundbar in 2018, but for those who wanted more robust arrangements with either a soundbar on its own or one paired with sub speakers, the Sonos Playbar is still the best bet. However, that device is old and after entering the Sonos Arc which change and give you the whole new dimensions and features becomes a more popular choice for peoples and they considered it the best option these days.

Sonos always delivers; they do a really good job with audio especially wireless audio. In fact, you can also play music on it from your smartphone or tablet and gets some really prestigious sound. Sonos nailed in the soundbar industry. 

Here is a small comparison at the end for more understanding about Sonos soundbars:

  • Sonos Playbar and Sonos Playbase both depend on optical connection to get the sound from TV. The choice between the Playbar and Playbase totally depend on individual needs. If someone wants a soundbar with a mountable option than Sonos Playbar is best for them. On the other hand, those who want a soundbar to place it only on the shelve under the TV, Sonos Playbase is best for them. There is no Bluetooth connectivity in Sonos Playbase which is one of its drawbacks.    
  • Sonos Beam is a small and lighter soundbar and its look is much better than Playbar and Playbase but the sound is good enough for soundbar lovers. Comparatively Sonos Beam and Sonos Arc both look beautiful but there is a huge difference between these two prices where Sonos Beam can get an upper edge over Sonos Arc for the people who have a low budget. Sonos Beam and Sonos Arc both are smarter than Sonos Playbar and Sonos Playbase regarding features they have. Both Beam and Arc equipped with Alexa to offer voice control services.
  • Sonos Arc fulfills the needs of the medium and also the bigger TV, which gives it a slight edge over other Soundbars. 
  • Sonos Amp can be used in 2 different ways. The 1st way is that, if you have other Sonos soundbars you can add Sonos Amp and boost the sound of your desire, and the 2nd way is that, you can use the Sonos Amp as an alternative of Sonos soundbar for your TV audio. 

We hope, the above comparison and soundbars detail will now definitely clear your mind about all Sonos soundbars and you will easily choose the best soundbar amongst all 5, that we just review for you. 

So, what you are waiting for, go and grab the one according to your budget and demand that fulfill the dream of your home theatre setup.