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LG Soundbars Reviews 2021

LG, the name of a trust that brings a change in the audio and video industry for many years and that is why today, we will share LG soundbars review with you. So, our review helps you to get the best LG soundbars that fulfill your sound needs and dream of your own home theatre system. In this LG soundbars review, you will find the top best 5 LG soundbars that hit the market and available right now. 

LG Soundbars Reviews 2021

LG, is a Korean brand and remains in the top 5 world companies that make Home Entertainment system. LG, uses cutting edge technology in its all soundbars that enhance the functionality of soundbars system. 

Due to the popularity of LG brand name and its new cutting edge technology, LG soundbars prices are bit high than other soundbars but still, it is the best choice of all soundbar lovers as LG does not disappoint their customers and provide full support and after-sale services at the doorstep. 

Without wasting any more time, let’s move to the LG top 5 best soundbars that will blow your mind and our review will make it happen easier for you to purchase one of the LG soundbars according to your needs.    

1. LG SN5Y

LG SN5Y is our first in line soundbar in the LG soundbars review. It is one of the best LG soundbar that has small in size but bigger in sound quality. Apart from its extraordinary features, LG SN5Y is the most budgeted soundbar of LG. 

LG Soundbars Reviews 2021
Reasons To Buy
  • Low Price
  • HD Sound
  • Slim design
  • DTS Virtual X
Reasons To Avoid
  • No voice control

If you want to boost the sound quality of your TV/LED with soundbar and subwoofer then LG SN5Y soundbar is the best choice for you. 

LG SN5Y is equipped with DTS Virtual X technology that helps the movie lover while watching their favorite movie.  Those who just want to watch TV can connect their soundbar with their TV via HDMI and enjoy their favorite program and those who just want to enjoy listening to their favorite music can easily connect their smartphones with LG SN5Y soundbar via Bluetooth and enjoy their favorite music.

LG SNFY has this amazing new feature of sound adjustment through which soundbar automatically adjusts the sound according to your desire programme. So, you do not worry about bass and treble anymore while watching your favorite program. 

DTS Virtual X: DTS Virtual X boosts the bass of the movie and produces crystal clear sound so you can hear the dialogue very clearly and watching the action scene with its amazing blast effects. 

High-Resolution Audio: LG SN5Y produces outstanding high-resolution audio with its minimalist design. Sound, that is closest to the original sound. 

Automatic Sound Adjustment: LG SN5Y has this unique feature of automatic sound adjustment that can adapt the sound according to your favorite program. 

Connectivity: As per connectivity concern, LG SN5Y soundbar offered Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity options.

Final Views:

In LG soundbars review, LG SN5Y soundbar is one of the most budgeted soundbar. You can pair LG SN5Y soundbar wirelessly with other LG speakers to enjoy the cinematic audio experience.

2. LG SH4

LG SH4 is our 2nd number choice of soundbar in the LG soundbars review. If you are looking for LG soundbar with subwoofer then LG SH4 is the best choice for you. It has an active subwoofer that can boost the bass so you will get the best sound that your ears deserve. It is also one of the budgeted soundbar of LG.

LG Soundbars Reviews 2021
Reasons To Buy
  • Brilliant Sound
  • Adaptive sound control feature
  • Bluetooth
Reasons To Avoid
  • Lack of DTS Virtual X technology

It has all those features which make a soundbar incredible and loveable for sound lovers. With advance adaptive sound control technology, soundbar automatically adjusts the sound mode and you will get an amazing sound experience. 

Bluetooth: With LG SH4 soundbar amazing built-in Bluetooth, you can connect all your Bluetooth enabled devices and enjoy your favorite music from your smartphone or Tablet.

TV Remote Compatibility: LG SH4 soundbar has this amazing feature through which you can access 8 different top brands of TV including LG, Vizio, Sony, Samsung, Philips, Panasonic, Toshiba, and sharp.

Sound Sync Wireless: You can easily sync your LG SH4 soundbar with your LG compatible HDTV via Bluetooth.  

Adaptive sound control: LG SH4 soundbar has the adaptive sound control feature which can automatically adjust the sound mode according to your favorite program.  

Final Views:

LG soundbars review will help you to love LG SH4 soundbar because it has not only produced good and crystal clear sound but also a very affordable soundbar of LG amongst others. It is equipped with almost all the amazing features that you will love to be in your soundbar. 

3. LG SK9Y

LG SK9Y soundbar is the high-end soundbar that is why I choose this for you in our LG soundbars review. It is equipped with the latest technology of Dolby Atmos that can produce three-dimensional surround sound. 

LG Soundbars Reviews 2021
Reasons To Buy
  • Crystal clear surround Sound
  • Google Assistant feature
  • Built-In Chromecast
Reasons To Avoid
  • Bit expensive than others

It also has a smart feature of Google Assistance voice control so you can stream all your favorite music with your voice. It is a perfect LG wireless soundbar that can help you to connect with your HDTV wirelessly without the wire cluster problem.  

As concerned about the design and build quality, it is a very slim and durable soundbar that LG produces to compete with other soundbar competitors.  With the built-in feature of Google Voice control, you can control the volume, play your favorite music, and even skip tracks with your voice. 

Dolby Atmos: LG SK9Y soundbar built-in with most advanced features and one of them is Dolby Atmos. With Dolby Atmos your room can fill with three-dimensional surround sound and you can enjoy every single part of your favorite movie to get cinematic experience at home. 

Chromecast Built-In: LG SK9Y soundbar has a built-in Chromecast feature that helps you to connect all your smartphones, tablet, iphone, ipad, Mac, or Windows laptop wirelessly. 

Google Assistant Built-In: With the Google Assistant feature, you can easily control your soundbar while listening to your favorite music with your voice control.

4K Pass-Through: Now a day’s every TV has the ability to produce 4K video and LG SK9Y soundbar has this ability to produce 4K sound and match the sound with your favorite 4K movie.

Final Views:

LG SK9Y soundbar comes with so many new features that push me to add this soundbar in our LG Soundbars review. It has all those features that make it unique and good than other Soundbars. It is one of the latest Soundbars of LG that comes with wall mounting brackets so you can mount it on the wall or place it on the shelve. The price is a bit high than other Soundbars but you will get what you pay for.

4. LG SL6Y

In LG Soundbars review, LG SL6Y is another top of the list LG soundbar. It can enhance your home theatre experience with its great sound quality and attractive design. 

LG Soundbars Reviews 2021
Reasons To Buy
  • Strong Bluetooth
  • Automatically adjust the sound
  • Slim design
Reasons To Avoid
  • Bit expensive than others

Built-in with DTS Virtual X technology can give you three-dimensional surround sound that can fill your room with amazing sound so you can always enjoy movie scenes. 

With its Bluetooth technology, you can also connect all your Bluetooth enabled devices like your smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop that can help you listen to your favorite music from your music library. 

You can mount your LG SL6Y on the wall or you can place it on the shelve under your TV. With the feature of sound adjust It can automatically switch the sound level for each program from action to dramatic scene and from sport to your favorite music reality show.

It produces a sound that is close to the original sound so you can feel the real things. 

Bluetooth: LG SL6Y built-in with 4.2 Bluetooth that can extend your Bluetooth range and you can connect your soundbar with your TV wirelessly without the wire cluster issue. 

Sleek Design: LG SL6Y crafted with a very beautiful sleek and modern design that your eyes love to see it in your home theatre setup.

High-Resolution Audio: LG SL6Y equipped with primary audio processing technology that helps you to get so much original sound.

Adaptive sound control: LG SL6Y uses Adaptive sound control technology that helps to adjust the sound according to the program genre. 

Final Views:

LG SL6Y soundbar is no doubt a majestic soundbar that LG produces and that is why we add it in our LG soundbars review. If you are looking for a soundbar that has a strong built-in Bluetooth than LG SL6Y is the best option for you. It is not going to be wrong to name it LG Bluetooth soundbar. 

5. LG LHD657

LG LHD657 is truly a power-packed home theatre system and without this, our LG soundbars review can unable to complete. It is one of the best LG TV soundbar home theatre systems that can enhance your audio experience. 

LG Soundbars Reviews 2021
Reasons To Buy
  • USB & HDMI connectivity option
  • stunning design
  • Great sound
Reasons To Avoid
  • Setup is not easy

You can connect it with HDMI cable with your HDTV or directly plug-in USB to watch your favorite movie or listen to your favorite music. 

Design: LG LHD657 home theatre system comes with an elegant and stylish design that makes your living room more appealing. 

Wireless Connectivity: You can easily connect wirelessly your LG LHD657 home theatre system with your smartphone or Tablet to stream all your favorite music.

USB connectivity: It has the USB connectivity option so you can directly connect your USB and listen to your favorite music that has stored in your USB drive.

Final Views:

LG LHD657 home theatre system is really produced amazingly well sound and it is our last choice of LG soundbars review. If you want a budgeted home theatre speaker system then LG LHD657 will be the best choice for you. 


The digital sound of soundbars makes it easy for the soundbar lovers to get a more natural and clear sound than before and LG, makes that happen. Our verdict about LG soundbars review of the top 5 LG soundbars is that LG is one of the best and latest soundbars equipped with all new technologies including Bluetooth, built-in subwoofer, wireless option, HDMI and many more things. 

You will not be disappointed if you purchase one of the LG soundbar as it will fulfill all your needs and provide you crystal clear sound which your LED rare speakers do not be able to produce at all. 

LG, soundbars not only equipped with many latest features but it is also very solid in terms of its durability.  Some of the models of soundbars are expensive but you can get what you pay for. 

We hope with our LG Soundbars review, now you can be able to decide easily that which LG soundbar is best for you and fulfill all your needs. So, what you are waiting for, hurry up and get your dream LG soundbar now to experience a complete cinematic home theatre setup.