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Best Dolby Atmos Soundbars Reviews 2021

Are you tired of those traditional soundbars that come with bad sound quality and doesn’t last for so long? Enjoying music beats with a loud and clear voice is real fun. But to have that boom buzz of musical sound, one should need a big beast speaker.

Best Dolby Atmos Soundbars Reviews To In 2021

But in case, if you can’t find a speaker you like, don’t worry because Dolby Atmos has introduced the world of sound. This is the most recent advancement in multi-channel audio that is set to take us beyond the limits of conventional surround sound systems.

Dolby Atmos always support height channels because it is an object-based surround sound configuration, which means sound can come from above your head.

It makes you experience an immersive listening, depending on your home theatre setup, you can feel that sounds coming from all directions.

Well, there is a chance that if you appreciate the thin aesthetic of your new 4K TV over everything else, at that point, a decent soundbar is your best choice.

They are created to be similarly as satisfying to the eye as they are to the ear. They’re additionally the best solution for little homes and lives with small space that wouldn’t have the option to squeeze a 7.1 direct speaker framework in.

Dolby Atmos soundbars are the essential and best investments for those who are home cinema lovers.

Top 7 Best Dolby Atmos Soundbars

1. Sony HT-ST5000 Soundbar

Best Dolby Atmos Soundbars Reviews To In 2021
Reasons To Buy:
  • It is weighty bass
  • Less space-occupying
  • Chromecast compatible
Reasons To Avoid:
  • Slightly expensive

Sony has invented the best soundbar that will provide you the real sound. HT-ST5000 model of sony is an exclusive sound-bar that can genuinely take your music to another level.

It is one of the top Dolby Atmos sound-bar that simulates the kind of immersive, 3D audio experience you’d get at the cinema. Most Atmos sound-bars utilize upward-firing drivers to scatter sound overhead – giving the impact of having speakers in your roof.

These sound-bars give an excellent outcome that objects on the screen, for example, orbiting helicopters or pouring rain can be heard surrounding you in stunning clearness.

Sony’s HT-ST5000 is incredible, blending a genuine sense of height with modern sound quality. If it is the point that you’ve been searching for a fuss-free approach to getting Dolby Atmos into your home, this is the best we’ve seen so far.

The HT-ST5000 occupies less room than the other traditional more space occupying soundbars. It’s a decent and approximately just a few centimeters smaller toward every direction, for instance – however at 118cm wide, still genuinely hefty.

The front of this sounder comprises seven drivers with the measurements of 65mm, from which three of them tweeters mounted in the middle. There are two up-firing drivers on its top that makes this sound-bar capable of conveying height realistically.

It additionally has a beautiful display that mentions to you what info you’re utilizing or control the volume without visual feedback from the TV. However, for more options for adjustments, you’ll have to connect it to your TV utilizing the HDMI output.

In these sound-bars, there is a Dolby Atmos soundtrack, and there’s a particular sense of space and movement gave by this current sound bar’s drivers

HDMI Compatibility: Its HDMI output is three HDCP 2.2-perfect sources of input that helps to support 4K and HDR pass-through, an optical input, a 3.5mm jack, and a USB port.

Less space-occupying: This Sony sound-bars incredibly occupy less space than other traditional soundbars. Its size is just a few centimeters, which means it requires very little space.

Chromecast compatible: Spotify connection is also available into the HT-S5000 for those who want to use their phones to help stream music.

2. Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar

Best Dolby Atmos Soundbars Reviews To In 2021
Reasons To Buy:
  • Natural sound
  • Incredible features
  • 3D sound effects
Reasons To Avoid:
  • Slightly large
  • Pricey

Sennheiser has recently launched its first consumer soundbar that plays a natural sound. It has decided on a lot bigger drivers that are equipped for covering a far more and more significant frequency range.

This is a certifiable one-box home cinema setup solution for the people who love to watch movies in the cinema. It facilitates its consumers by both options; either put these soundbars on a shelf/rack or wall-mounted itself.

It comes up with an average weight of 18.5kg. The measurements and weight of the bar aren’t the main attractive points during positioning, either. Like most products of its kind, the Sennheiser skips sound off your room’s walls and roof to make encompassed and Atmos impacts.

Keep in mind that the mic-driven adjustment will compensate in any event to some degree for the irregularly formed mess up the room. There’s not a replacement for central placement on a wall and as not many sonic blocks as could be expected under the circumstances.

These sound-bars also support DTS: X, which is another object-based surround sound codec that you can find on some 4K Blu-rays in place of Dolby Atmos. Furthermore, the HDMIs are Ethernet sockets, Wi-Fi supported, USB for updates, and optical info and a stereo RCA aux-in.

Moreover, there’s a subwoofer pre-out, as well, should you want to include a dedicated bass unit. It has a front with a small display of the group that flashes up the chose input and sound configuration, while there’s likewise an illuminated Ambeo logo.

The brightness of both can be balanced from inside the Sennheiser Smart Control application, which additionally gives you advanced options, for example, input renaming and an equalizer.

Chromecast Compatible: Rather than the physical connections, this sound-bar also provides the facility of supporting Bluetooth 4.2 and Chromecast, which helps to make your streaming option almost endless.

Convincing 3D surround: These sound-bars provides a spine-shivering 3D sound that sounds easy, sparkling dialogue and a lot of base end grunt.

HDMI supportive: In these soundbars, you will find four HDMI sockets, from which three are the standard inputs, and one is marked for TV and supports eARC, which is called Enhanced Audio Return Channel.

3. Sony HT-ZF9 soundbar

Best Dolby Atmos Soundbars Reviews To In 2021
Reasons To Buy:
  • Controls are easy to use
  • An impressive up-mixing
  • Well-balance natural sound
Reasons To Avoid:
  • Dynamics could be sharper

Sony has launched an amazing soundbar – the HT-ZF9. The HT-ZF9 embraces a conventional bar and remote sub approach. However, it utilizes DSP magic to make an immersive audio experience.

These sound-bars come with no auto-calibration required so that you have to physically or manually set the listening distance and level; however, operationally, the HT-ZF9 is more distorted.

In Sony HT-ZF9, to create an immersive listening experience with Dolby and DTS: X content, the bar utilizes an exclusive vertical sound engine. The provided remote control sports with a primary Vertical S button; however, this doesn’t effectively draw in the vertical sound engine.

It comprises of three front-facing drivers. Sony claims it can still generate a 7.1.2 surround sound by ‘virtually’ processing audio, so it makes you feel like that the sound coming from around you.

Alongside the soundbar, there are added a subwoofer with a 16cm driver to include low-frequency weight. I talk about the wireless connectivity, Bluetooth streaming is uplifted by LDAC for perfect Sony gadgets, and you can likewise partner Bluetooth earphones for unique tuning in.

Chromecast with Google Assistant is implicit, like Wi-Fi. It provides an immersive sound that helps to immerse you in three dimensional sound with Dolby and DTS:X. By using these sound-bars, you can enjoy the ultra-fine tones of studio-quality music in higher additionally with high-resolution audio than the CD qualities.

The HT-ZF9 soundbar has double voice assistant similarity: it works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can quickly speak to your voice assistant commander so that it will control the Sony ZF9 soundbar.

High-Resolution audio wireless streaming: Sony implements the LDAC technology in these sound-bars, which transfers approximately three times more data than the conventional Bluetooth wireless audio, enabling you to appreciate High-Resolution Audio experience.

Vertical Surround Engine: Regardless of what kind of room you’re in, its three front speakers regenerate ‘vertical,’ making virtual encompass sound that appears to originate from surrounding you.

S-Force PRO Front Surround: From a single sound-bar and sub-woofer, the S-Force PRO front surround with wavefront technology imitates a specific, natural, three-dimensional sound field.

4. Samsung HW-N950 soundbar

Best Dolby Atmos Soundbars Reviews To In 2021
Reasons To Buy:
  • Provides large sound field
  • Gives an active sound field
  • Design is robust and clear
  • Incredible floor-shaking bass
  • Gives an atmospheric experience
Reasons To Avoid:
  • Bass is a little bit loose

Samsung always launched a top-notch quality product. This Dolby soundbar is big, bold, and quite a beautiful just as the Dolby soundbar should be.  The Samsung HW-N950 sound gives you the feel like you are in the theatre by staying in your home.

The Samsung HW-N950 conveys a Dolby and DTS:X involvement with maximum performance and least whine. Its package comes with a soundbar, subwoofer, and separate rear channels, and all joined with two width drivers and four upward-firing speakers.

Anybody becoming tied up with Atmos does as such for the guarantee of a surround sound with a wrapping and overhead impact. Even though it is close tricky to genuinely repeat the nearness of roof speakers utilizing just upward-firing drivers from a soundbar, hi-fi.

Home film brands are also showing the best determination to make this solution as near the full Atmos experience as could be expected. Energy for music joins each part from sign to the speaker, so it feels like the man is performing just in front of you, which gives a realistic effect and feel to the consumers.

There come 18 total speakers, which include a soundbar, a wireless subwoofer and two rear wireless modules. Additionally, there is a button like the one on the remote speakers which permits manual pairing, and there is also a pair of indicator LEDs.

The soundbar has three HDCP 2.2-certified HDMI 2.0 attachments contain two inputs and one output counting the ARC even, and optical information gives an alternative means of connecting a digital source.

Wide Range Tweeter: With the sound bar’s extensive range of tweeter features, you can hear reliably great sound anyplace in the home.

Seamless TV connection: By the use of a single remote, you can easily control TV and soundbar and also fine-tune your sound from the TV menu.

Stream Music wirelessly: From streaming service, you can easily connect your smartphones or other devices to play music.

5. Yamaha YSP-5600 soundbar

Best Dolby Atmos Soundbars Reviews To In 2021
Reasons To Buy:
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Good streaming connectivity
  • Provide straightforward and easy set-up
  • Have a thrilling soundstage
Reasons To Avoid:
  • Small display

Yamaha YSP-5600 soundbar is the perfect solution if you want to enjoy the loud, clear sound. YSP-5600 gives you an immersive sound from just a single soundbar. This soundbar gave you a cinema experience at home without going out and spent a lot of money on movie tickets.

The soundbar is designed to provide a real and genuine sound field from above without putting speakers in your ceiling. In this soundbar, there are a total of 46 speakers from which 44 are the array speakers, and two are the woofers.

Of the array speakers, the 12 are utilized as the ‘height’ channels; six upward-firing drivers are on each side that bounces the sound off to the roof at just the perfect angle to make it sound like the music is originating from above.

Yamaha brand is that brand that first brings out the Dolby soundbar and also claims that YSP-5600 generates the same effect as a 7.1.2 system.

In this soundbar, there is also a mic set up that takes a few seconds to process. By using these soundbars, you can even hear the surround sound effects like the chirping of birds in the morning, the sharp ping of gunshots, the club music, and many more.

The last sound will be influenced by how reflective your room is; however, there’s a scope to delve into the sound bar’s menu and change the parameters. It comes with the versatile connectivity of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Spotify.

Availability of MusicCast feature which gives an easy way to access different stations at one platform. The Yamaha YSP-5600 comes with four HDMI inputs with 4K/60p pass-through and one HDMI output. There are additionally two optical, one coaxial, and a pair of analog inputs.

Wireless Connectivity: These soundbars give the users a versatile connectivity’s benefit to easily connect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Spotify.

MusicCast: Now streaming from your phone becomes very easy when you are using Yamaha’s MusicCast app that helps to provide access to Pandora, Napster, TIDAL, Deezer, Spotify, SiriusXM Internet Radio and more.

Voice Control: With the use of Google Assistant and Alexa, you can easily control sound.

6. Samsung HW-Q90R Sound-bar

Best Dolby Atmos Soundbars Reviews To In 2021
Reasons To Buy:
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
  • Easy to install
Reasons To Avoid:
  • Limited HDMI inputs

Samsung HW-Q90R is a high-quality soundbar that will help to make your home a cinema.  The HW-Q90R is the organization’s new all-singing, an all-moving lead soundbar.

It not just only supports the object-based sound in the form of both Dolby and DTS:X. It’s additionally the primary 2021 model to accomplish this with genuine back speakers and four upward-firing drivers.

This sound-bar supports a variety of inputs as it supports 4k HDMI pass-through, HDMI ARC, and optical. It also provides the facility of wireless connectivity like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

If you want to enjoy the facility of listening to music or a podcast, you can stream wirelessly through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivities.  This Samsung Dolby Atmos firmly built setup accompanies with soundbar itself, a subwoofer, and two satellite speakers to be situated behind you.

Although the satellite speakers do require a power source, they’re associated with the soundbar remotely for a cleaner arrangement. Additionally, this Samsung setup sounds great.

For providing best rumble and thump, these sound-bars come with a great bass extension, while it still keeping up a genuinely neutral sound profile, appropriate for nearly every type of content. One of the cheapest Dolby Atmos soundbar.

Object-based audio formatsThese sound-bars are object-based sound configurations utilizing a certifiable 7.1.4-channel setup, rather than depending on acoustic radiating or beaming.

Wireless Connectivit: These sound-bars facilitate you with the benefit of wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Input Connections: If it comes to the connections, there are two HDMI inputs and an output, all of which support 4K/60p, 4:4:4, Rec.2021, High Dynamic Range (HDR10, HLG, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision), 3D and HDCP 2.2. That ought to guarantee the Samsung can deal with whatever you toss at it.

of speakers: 12 speakers are counting the subwoofer, utilizing an aggregate of 17 drivers. The front three channels utilize three drivers each – two woofers and a wide range tweeter – with the variety of other channels dependent on a single driver.

7. Vizio SB36512-F6 Soundbar

Best Dolby Atmos Soundbars Reviews To In 2021
Reasons To Buy:
  • Have Dolby audio and DTS Virtual: X technology
  • Provides Bluetooth connectivity
  • Powerful dramatic sound
Reasons To Avoid:
  • No HDMI

There’s nothing extravagant about the SB362An-F6 that it gives excellent, remarkable sound quality and vivid audio effects for your TV at an extremely competitive cost.

In spite of the clearance room value, the SB362An-F6 is flawlessly structured, estimating 36 inches wide, and a streamlined 2 inches high, and 5.2 inches deep (914xx52x133mm).

It will sit comfortably underneath the screen of most TVs, and Vizio likewise incorporates a couple of divider mount sections also.  It is one of the cheap Dolby Atmos soundbars.

Vizio SB36512-F6 sound-bar is one of the best affordable options that provide an incredible and impressive performance. This Vizio sound-bar comes with some redeeming qualities, however, the incorporation of a 3.5mm analog audio input, USB input, and even Ethernet, as Chromecast is worked for smooth streaming or voice control through the use of Google assistant.

It has a remote control that includes a variety of buttons for treble, bass, Bluetooth input, and the DTS Virtual: X technology, along with the inclusion of normal playback and volume controls.

It comprises four main drivers inside its primary unit, included a couple of 2.6-inch (67.8mm) full-range woofers and two 3.0-inch (76.2mm) sub-woofers, even though the sub-woofers get additional backup from two uninvolved radiators that help to include significant progressively bass rumble.

The SB362An-F6 incorporates both optical and 3.5mm pure analog sound input sources – with the applicable and relevant links all accommodatingly contained in the case – just as a USB port for playing music stored on a memory stick or hard drive, additionally, there’s no HDMI interface on the SB362An-F6, not to mention the more adaptable HDMI ARC.

Incredible sound effect: The best feature of the Vizio SB36512-F6 sound-bar is that it provides an incredible, dramatic, and impressive sound effect.

Design: Fairly design with the measurement of 36 inches wide and a streamlined 2 inches high, and 5.2 inches deep (914xx52x133mm). Designed to quickly put under the screen of the most TV with the additional inclusion of wall-mount brackets as well.

Remote control: Also included a remote control come with a variety of buttons for different purposes like treble, bass, Bluetooth input, and the DTS Virtual: X technology, along with the standard playback and volume controls.


The products mentioned above are one of the top and best Dolby Atmos soundbars presented by the world’s best brands. Our proposals above are what we believe are now the best Atmos soundbars for many people to purchase. We assure you that buying these top quality soundbars will not waste your money.

By knowing user needs and wants, we have tried to present the top reviewed products that you might want. Despite all, personal taste, preference, and listening habits matter in your selection first. We hope you will select the best one for you.